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Commits on May 16, 2012
Manuel Guenther Small documentation correction; Added .pydevproject to the list of gi…
Manuel Guenther Added bob.db.gbu interface for the GBU database. effcc86
Manuel Guenther Added and corrected documentation of the GBU database. 0721f1d
Manuel Guenther Added possibility to retrieve eye positions of the GBU database; adde…
…d 'create-eye-files' option to the gbu commands.
Manuel Guenther Added gbu database command to copy (or link) the image files from the…
… MBGC-V1 database directory into a new one with the required structure.
Manuel Guenther Fixed small mistake. 7128844
Commits on Jun 15, 2012
Manuel Guenther Removed old file that was not compiled any more (left-overs from prev…
…ious clean-up?)
Manuel Guenther Corrected bug in the implementation of the chi_square distance function. 1b4b43f
Manuel Guenther Removed the 'usage' of the boost::python namespace (not required) to …
…no longer confuse bob::python::register_exception_translator and boost::python::register_exception_translator.
Manuel Guenther Added machine and trainer for the 'Bayesian Intrapersonal/Extraperson…
…al Classifier' in two implementations: with and without subspace truncation; added tests for the new trainer and machine.
Manuel Guenther Corrected/updated/enhanced the sphinx documentation of the BIC traine…
…r and machine.
Commits on Jun 21, 2012
@anjos anjos Extend python interpreter setup to ipython, if available 76d8ce5
@anjos anjos Adapt IPython version checking to newer version of IPython ae8730b
Commits on Jul 06, 2012
Manuel Guenther Corrected bug in bob::ip::getAngleToHorizontal; added C++ tests for t…
…hat function; changed parameters from int to double; corrected reference data for the FaceEyesNorm C++ test.
Manuel Guenther Corrected IP tutorial that was affected by the latest bug fix. d2c888c
@laurentes laurentes Histogram distance: add python bindings for standard image type (uint…
@tiagofrepereira2012 tiagofrepereira2012 Add py26-sqlalchemy and fix scipy installation f936d00
Roy Wallace Fix small documentation bug aa866a5
Roy Wallace Fix small documentation bug properly 7907559
@tiagofrepereira2012 tiagofrepereira2012 Fix test overwriting problem related to ticket #62 4812c50
Roy Wallace Fix small documentation bug properly (third time lucky) 18a8467
@anjos anjos New functionality to read and write simple CSV files 34abcdd
@anjos anjos Tests for CSV files 3178462
@anjos anjos Fixes for OpenCV compilation on OSX 13ebfe1
@lmilasl lmilasl created fir db 19c36e4
@lmilasl lmilasl corrected many bugs in fir database files 85417d6
Manuel Guenther The bob.math.chi_square function now returnes the NEGATIVE distance (…
…to be used as a similarity measure); adapted and added checks for the histogram functions; corrected some documenation.
Manuel Guenther Reverted last modification; bob.math.chi_square again returns the pos…
…itive chi square distance. Sorry for the spam.
Manuel Guenther Corrected bug in the creation of teh XM2VTS database (images were sto…
…red with absolute path's).
Manuel Guenther Corrected imposter query in the XM2VTS database. 7febb96
Manuel Guenther Added support for the AR face database, including: - a new bob.db.arf…
…ace interface; - new protocols for the AR face database; - tests; - (hoepfully) proper documentation.
Manuel Guenther Merge branch '1.0' of gh:idiap/bob into 1.0 bf04b31
@anjos anjos Insert publication place holder 6edb154
Commits on Jul 09, 2012
@anjos anjos Upgrades to V3 external toolkit cc10874
Manuel Guenther Now, recognizes and accepts all upper/lower-case …
…combinations of known image file extensions.
Manuel Guenther Modified facenorm test to be more stable; now the image that is used …
…in this test is publishable.
Manuel Guenther Merge branch '1.0' of gh:idiap/bob into 1.0 a976f4b
@anjos anjos Fix matio detection edb4fba
@anjos anjos Another try on the fix to matio detection 23901eb
@anjos anjos Add definition to the command line 65320a6
Commits on Jul 10, 2012
@anjos anjos Fix matio detection so it works on OSX fe4ebf3
@anjos anjos Compatibility with boost::filesystem version 3 (only version availabl…
…e from boost 1.50 onwards
@anjos anjos Fine tunning for ffmpeg 0.8 (kit v3) fed55a3