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inEvent Portal

The main goal of inEvent is to develop new means to structure, retrieve, and share large archives of networked, and dynamically changing, multimedia recordings, mainly consisting here of meetings, video-conferences, and lectures.


  • python2.7
  • python-pip
sudo aptitude install python2.7 python-dev python-pip

Download the code from github:

git clone

Install the required packages using pip (requirements.txt is inside the inevent repository)

sudo pip install -r requirements.txt

Installation was successfully completed under Ubuntu 14.04, Ubuntu (Server) 12.04, Debian Sid and MacOS

Starting in testing environment

In your local repository create a file which overwrites DEBUG to True (in development mode) and add a secret key like in below example :

DEBUG = True
STATIC_URL = "/static/"
SECRET_KEY = "fdlet034msd09w4jfqjvl094ujopfaoo43jfa"

Run server with the following command

python runserver

To access in a web browser under

Starting in a production environment

In production if DEBUG don't need to be set, you have to specify allowed hosts in your (if not sepcified you will receive an error 400) like in below example :

SECRET_KEY = "92jrlff24lujlkdj240plkjar4tgjasdf"