PHP library using OAuth authorization - handle comunication with idioma TC system.
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Communication via OAuth 1.0 protocol with idioma TC system in PHP

PHP library using authorization via OAuth 1.0 protocol for communication with idioma TC system.

First steps

First of all, download full library for managing authorization via OAuth 1.0 protocol. If you want to have a little less work to do, see it at

Second, it is needed to set up a few paths and authorization variables. Use something like this:

// you will get these informations after registration at idioma as developer
$consumer_key = "Your_consumer_key";
$consumer_secret = "$=_ssD1H+%LD-B=UAY|r5*Fv@v0SMGU7";

$url_base = ""; // use "" in case of using sandbox
$url_callback = "";
$url_service = "oauth/tokenservice";
$url_grant = "oauth/tokengrant";
$url_access = "oauth/tokenservice";

Third step, authorize your site. See example below:

// 1) we have no token, so we need to get REQUEST_TOKEN
$oauth = new TC_OAuth($consumer_key, $consumer_secret);

try {
  $oauth->request($url_service, array("oauth_callback" => $url_callback), "POST");
  parse_str($oauth->get_body(), $token);
} catch(iComException $ue) { }

// 2) now we already have REQUEST_TOKEN, let use it
echo '<a href="' . $url_base . $url_grant . '?oauth_token=' . urlencode($token['oauth_token']) . '">Continue</a>';

// 3) we successfully passed authorization directly on TC and last part is get ACCESS_TOKEN
$oauth->setToken($token['oauth_token'], $token['oauth_token_secret']);
try {
	$oauth->request($url_access, null, "POST");
	parse_str($oauth->get_body(), $accessToken);
  // save $accessToken array, you must use it in every single request to TC system
  echo "Hooray, we are authorized :)";
} catch(iComException $ue) { }

Last thing has to be done. Now, you can call any of requests of iCom API. Please, see closely full documentation at

$icom = new TC_OAuth(consumer_key, $consumer_secret, $accessToken['oauth_token'], $accessToken['oauth_token_secret']);

try {
  $icom->request("api/uhti/carts", array('name' => $name, 'sourceLanguage' => $source_language), "POST");
} catch (iComException $ie) { }