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Spiffing CSS

Why, hello, dear visitor! If you're the kind of person predisposed to converse about the weather over a round of tea and crumpets, then you'll appreciate Spiffing: a CSS preprocessor with only one job — to correct the spelling errors prevalent in the language.


PHP 5.2+, well-spelt CSS and Apache (if you want clean URLs).

To install:

  1. Download Spiffing (it's the ZIP button up there), and upload to your server.
  2. Prepend all references to your CSS with "spiffing.php?file=" (changing the paths and values where necessary) or if you want some snazzy clean URLs use the .htaccess file for some super royality goodness.
  3. Twirl your moustache in typically-British subdued delight.


Just send either one of us a message on Twitter: @idiot, @kapooht.