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When in infinite mode, the index returned in the unslider.change event includes the
two cloned slides.

This means values of -1 and num_slides will be returned.

e.g. For a Slider with 3 slides.

slider.on('unslider.change', function(event, index, slide) {
alert('Slide has been changed to ' + index);

This code will display
'Slide has been changed to -1'
'Slide has been changed to 3'

Neither of those should be valid indices.

of course -1 can be interpreted as the index of the last slide
and 3 can be interpreted as index 0 but it seems buggy to return
those indicies.


jul-05-2016 19-22-48

I'm seeing the same issue, also, the index appears to be counting one too many. I have four slides, yet it seems to think there are five. It iterates as follows:

Hope the gif helps


did you guys get to solve this problem..?
because I have the same issue.

virtualbrown commented Dec 9, 2016 edited


I ended up doing a kind of kludgey workaround where I handle the 'unslider.change' event, correct the index and then invoke my own callback.


 this.slider.on('unslider.change', function(event, index, slide) {

                // Get the number of slides in the slider
                var num_items = self.collection.length;

                // When in infinite mode, the unslider adds two 'cloned' slides, slide 0 and the last slide.
                // These two slides are at index = -1 and index = num_slides.
                // This code checks for those boundaries and adjusts the index accordingly.

                // -1 means we wrapped around (going left) and are logically on the last slide (even though we are on the cloned slide internally to unslider).
                if( index == -1 )
                    index = num_items - 1;

                // num_items means we wrapped around (going right) and are now logically on slide 0.
                if( index == num_items ){
                    index = 0;

                // Invoke my own callback with the corrected index.
                if( self.changeCallback !== undefined ){
                    self.changeCallback(event, index, slide);



Maybe there is a cleaner way of handling this but this is what I ended up going with.

Initially, I tried to make some modifications to the slider code but those ended up having
adverse side effects.

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