After pausing, unslider autoplays when swiping. #419

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I've enabled swipe on Unslider with the following lines:

    <script src=""></script>
    <script src=""></script>

I've written some jquery such that when I hit a pause button, unslider.stop() method is called and the slides stop autoplaying. However when swiping while paused, the autoplay starts up again. is there anyway I can fix this behaviour? My code is as follows:

        jQuery(document).ready(function($) {
                infinite: true,
                autoplay: true,
                arrows: false,
                delay: 4500,
                speed: 500,
                nav: true,

            /* Function to start/stop image slider */
            $('#slider-content i').click(function() {
                if ( $('#slider-content>i').hasClass("fa-pause-circle") ) {
                    $('#slider-content>i').toggleClass('fa-pause-circle fa-play-circle');
                } else {
                    $('#slider-content>i').toggleClass('fa-pause-circle fa-play-circle');


Any help is appreciated. Also on a sidenote, is there any way to stop the slides re-initializing (i.e. not having to wait the full delay) when paused and played again?

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