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Smooth Scrollbar

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Customizable, Flexible, and High Performance Scrollbars!


⚠️ DO NOT use custom scrollbars unless you know what you are doing. Read more

Tell us about the features you want in the next major update.

Via NPM (recommended):

npm install smooth-scrollbar --save

Via Bower:

bower install smooth-scrollbar --save

Browser Compatibility

Browser Version
IE 10+
Chrome 22+
Firefox 16+
Safari 8+
Android Browser 4+
Chrome for Android 32+
iOS Safari 7+



Since this package has a pkg.module field, it's highly recommended to import it as an ES6 module with some bundlers like webpack or rollup:

import Scrollbar from 'smooth-scrollbar';


If you are not using any bundlers, you can just load the UMD bundle:

<script src="dist/smooth-scrollbar.js"></script>

  var Scrollbar = window.Scrollbar;



latest 7.x


  • How to deal with position: fixed elements? #362
  • How to temporarily stop scrolling? #361
  • How to enable hash/anchor scrolling? #360
  • How to direct all scrolling to a particular direction? #359
  • How to disable scrolling in a particular direction? #357
  • more...

Who's Using It

  • Awwwards Conference: An Event for UX / UI Designers and Web Developers.
  • Listeners Playlist: A cool music player designed by Jiyong Ahn sharing musics from the facebook group 'Listeners Playlist'.
  • Matter: A new and better way to grow your professional skills.
  • Parsons Branding: Brand strategy and design studio based in Cape Town.
  • Feel free to add yours here 🤗.