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Basic Todo App

Built with React on Rails.

View a live example here.


  • Ruby 2.4.1
  • Rails 5.1.4
  • Node v9.3.0
  • Yarn
  • PostgreSQL


  1. These instructions assume you are using Ruby 2.4.1.
  2. Clone or fork the repo: git clone
  3. Ensure you have the latest stable Bundler: gem install bundler.
  4. Install Node v9.3.0 via nvm or a package manager of your choice.
  5. Install the latest Yarn via a package manager of your choice (brew install yarn, etc).
  6. Install foreman: gem install foreman.
  7. Install dependencies: bundle && yarn.
  8. Database setup: rake db:create; rake db:migrate.
  9. Start the app: foreman start -f
  10. Open the page in a browser of your choice, we recommend Chrome: http://localhost:3000.

This app makes use of webpack-dev-server so any saved changes to client files will hot-reload the page.