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Linux Kernel Exploitation

Some exploitation methods and techniques are outdated and don't work anymore on newer kernels.

Pull requests are welcome.

Exploitation techniques

2016: "Linux Kernel ROP - Ropping your way to # (Part 1)" by Vitaly Nikolenko [article]

2016: "Linux Kernel ROP - Ropping your way to # (Part 2)" by Vitaly Nikolenko [article]

2016, Ruxcon: "Exploiting COF Vulnerabilities in the Linux kernel" by Vitaly Nikolenko [slides]

2016: "Using userfaultfd" by Lizzie Dixon [article]

2016, DEF CON 24: "Direct Memory Attack the Kernel" by Ulf Frisk [video]

2016, MOSEC 2016: "Talk is cheap, show me the code" by Keen Lab [slides]

2015: "From Collision To Exploitation: Unleashing Use-After-Free Vulnerabilities in Linux Kernel" [whitepaper]

2015: "Linux Kernel Exploitation" by Patrick Biernat [slides]

2014: "Writing kernel exploits" by Keegan McAllister [slides]

2013: "Kernel stack overflows (basics)" by Essa Alkuwari [article]

2013, Black Hat USA: "Hacking like in the Movies: Visualizing Page Tables for Local Exploitation"

2012: "Understanding Linux Kernel Vulnerabilities" by Richard Carback [slides]

2012: "A Heap of Trouble: Breaking the Linux Kernel SLOB Allocator" by Dan Rosenberg [whitepaper]

2012: "Attacking hardened Linux systems with kernel JIT spraying" by Keegan McAllister [article]

2012: "A Guide to Kernel Exploitation: Attacking the Core" by Enrico Perla and Massimiliano Oldani [book]

2011: "Stackjacking Your Way to grsec/PaX Bypass" by Jon Oberheide [article]

2010: "Much ado about NULL: Exploiting a kernel NULL dereference" [article]

2010: "Exploiting Stack Overflows in the Linux Kernel" by Jon Oberheide [article]

2010, SOURCE Boston: "Linux Kernel Exploitation: Earning Its Pwnie a Vuln at a Time" by Jon Oberheide [slides]

2009, CanSecWest: "There's a party at ring0, and you're invited" by Tavis Ormandy and Julien Tinnes [slides]

2007: "Kernel-mode exploits primer" by Sylvester Keil and Clemens Kolbitsch [whitepaper]

2007, Phrack: "Attacking the Core : Kernel Exploiting Notes" [article]

2005, CancSecWest: "Large memory management vulnerabilities" by Gael Delalleau [slides]


Information leak

2016: "Exploiting a Linux Kernel Infoleak to bypass Linux kASLR" [article]

2010: "Linux Kernel pktcdvd Memory Disclosure" by Jon Oberheide [article, CVE-2010-3437]

2009: "Linux Kernel x86-64 Register Leak" by Jon Oberheide [article, CVE-2009-2910]

2009: "Linux Kernel getname() Stack Memory Disclosures" by Jon Oberheide [article, CVE-2009-3001]


2016, Project Zero: "Exploiting Recursion in the Linux Kernel" by Jann Horn [article, CVE-2016-1583]

2016: "ANALYSIS AND EXPLOITATION OF A LINUX KERNEL VULNERABILITY (CVE-2016-0728)" By Perception Point Research Team [article, CVE-2016-072]

2016: "Notes about CVE-2016-7117" by Lizzie Dixon [article, CVE-2016-7117]

2016: "CVE-2016-2384: exploiting a double-free in the usb-midi linux kernel driver" by Andrey Konovalov [article, CVE-2016-2384]

2016: "CVE-2016-6187: Exploiting Linux kernel heap off-by-one" by Vitaly Nikolenko [article, CVE-2016-6187]

2016: "CVE-2014-2851 group_info UAF Exploitation" by Vitaly Nikolenko [article, CVE-2014-2851]

2016, HITB Ams: "Perf: From Profiling To Kernel Exploiting" by Wish Wu [slides, CVE-2016-0819]

2016, HITB Ams: "Perf: From Profiling To Kernel Exploiting" by Wish Wu [video, CVE-2016-0819]

2015: "Android linux kernel privilege escalation vulnerability and exploit (CVE-2014-4322)" [article, CVE-2014-4322]

2015: "Exploiting "BadIRET" vulnerability" by Rafal Wojtczuk [article, CVE-2014-9322]

2015: "Follow-up on Exploiting "BadIRET" vulnerability (CVE-2014-9322)" by Adam Zabrocki [article, CVE-2014-9322]

2015, Black Hat: "Ah! Universal Android Rooting Is Back" by Wen Xu [whitepaper, CVE-2015-3636]

2015, Black Hat: "Ah! Universal Android Rooting Is Back" by Wen Xu [slides, CVE-2015-3636]

2015, Black Hat: "Ah! Universal Android Rooting Is Back" by Wen Xu [video, CVE-2015-3636]

2015, Project Zero: "Exploiting the DRAM rowhammer bug to gain kernel privileges" by Mark Seaborn and Thomas Dullien [article, rowhammer]

2014: "Exploiting CVE-2014-0196 a walk-through of the Linux pty race condition PoC" by Samuel Gross [article, CVE-2014-0196]

2014: "CVE-2014-4943 - PPPoL2TP DoS Analysis" by Vitaly Nikolenko [article, CVE-2014-4943]

2014: "CVE-2014-4014: Linux Kernel Local Privilege Escalation "exploitation"" by Vitaly Nikolenko [article, CVE-2014-4014]

2014: "CVE-2014-4699: Linux Kernel ptrace/sysret vulnerability analysis" by Vitaly Nikolenko [article, CVE-2014-4699]

2014: "How to exploit the x32 recvmmsg() kernel vulnerability CVE 2014-0038" by Samuel Gross [article, CVE-2014-0038]

2014: "Exploiting the Futex Bug and uncovering Towelroot" [article, CVE-2014-3153]

2013: "Privilege Escalation Kernel Exploit" by Julius Plenz [article, CVE-2013-1763]

2013: "A closer look at a recent privilege escalation bug in Linux (CVE-2013-2094)" by Joe Damato [article, CVE-2013-2094]

2012: "Linux Local Privilege Escalation via SUID /proc/pid/mem Write" by Jason Donenfeld [article, CVE-2012-0056]

2011, DEF CON 19: "Kernel Exploitation Via Uninitialized Stack" by Kees Cook [slides, CVE-2010-2963]

2011, DEF CON 19: "Kernel Exploitation Via Uninitialized Stack" by Kees Cook [video, CVE-2010-2963]

2010: "Some Notes on CVE-2010-3081 Exploitability" [article, CVE-2010-3081]

2010: "CVE-2010-4258: Turning Denial-of-service Into Privilege Escalation" by Nelson Elhage [article, CVE-2010-4258]

2010: "CVE-2007-4573: The Anatomy of a Kernel Exploit" by Nelson Elhage [article, CVE-2007-4573]

2010: "Linux Kernel CAN SLUB Overflow" by Jon Oberheide [article, CVE-2010-2959]

2010: "af_can linux kernel overflow" by Ben Hawkes [article, CVE-2010-2959]

2010: linux compat vulns (part 1) by Ben Hawkes [article, CVE-2010-3081]

2010: linux compat vulns (part 2) by Ben Hawkes [article, CVE-2010-3301]

2009: "Linux NULL pointer dereference due to incorrect proto_ops initializations (CVE-2009-2692)" [article, CVE-2009-2692]

2009: "Even when one byte matters" [article, CVE-2009-1046]

2004: "Linux kernel do_mremap VMA limit local privilege escalation vulnerability" [article, CVE-2004-0077]


2011, DEF CON 19: "Owned Over Amateur Radio: Remote Kernel Exploitation in 2011" [slides, CVE-2011-1493]

2011, DEF CON 19: "Owned Over Amateur Radio: Remote Kernel Exploitation in 2011" [video, CVE-2011-1493]

2009: "When a "potential D.o.S." means a one-shot remote kernel exploit: the SCTP story" [article, CVE-2009-0065]

Protection bypass techniques

2016, KIWICON: "Practical SMEP bypass techniques on Linux" by Vitaly Nikolenko [slides]

2016: "Micro architecture attacks on KASLR" by Anders Fogh" [article]

2016: "Jump Over ASLR: Attacking Branch Predictors to Bypass ASLR" by Dmitry Evtyushkin, Dmitry Ponomarev and Nael Abu-Ghazaleh [slides]

2016, CCS: "Prefetch Side-Channel Attacks: Bypassing SMAP and Kernel ASLR" by Daniel Gruss, Clementine Maurice, Anders Fogh, Moritz Lipp and Stefan Mangard [video]

2016, Black Hat USA: "Using Undocumented CPU Behavior to See Into Kernel Mode and Break KASLR in the Process" [video]

2016, Black Hat USA: "Breaking KASLR with Intel TSX" Yeongjin Jang, Sangho Lee and Taesoo Kim [slides]

2016, Black Hat USA: "Breaking KASLR with Intel TSX" Yeongjin Jang, Sangho Lee and Taesoo Kim [video]

2016: "Breaking KASLR with micro architecture" by Anders Fogh [article]

2014, Black Hat Europe: "ret2dir: Deconstructing Kernel Isolation" by Vasileios P. Kemerlis, Michalis Polychronakis, Angelos D. Keromytis [whitepaper]

2014, Black Hat Europe: "ret2dir: Deconstructing Kernel Isolation" by Vasileios Kemerlis [video]

2013: "A Linux Memory Trick" by Dan Rosenberg [article]

2011: "SMEP: What is It, and How to Beat It on Linux" by Dan Rosenberg [article]

2009: "Bypassing Linux' NULL pointer dereference exploit prevention (mmap_min_addr)" [article]


2016: "Randomizing the Linux kernel heap freelists" by Thomas Garnier [article]

2015: "Protecting Commodity Operating Systems through Strong Kernel Isolation" by Vasileios Kemerlis [whitepaper]

2013: "KASLR: An Exercise in Cargo Cult Security" by Brad Spengler [article]

2012: "How do I mitigate against NULL pointer dereference vulnerabilities?" by RedHat [article]

2009, Phrack: "Linux Kernel Heap Tampering Detection" by Larry Highsmith [article]

Post exploitation

2016, BSIDES Manchester: "Hooking the Linux Kernel without getting caught" by Gregory Fudge [video]

2012, Phrack: "Infecting loadable kernel modules" [article]

2012, Phrack: "Android platform based linux kernel rootkit" [article]

Fuzzing & detectors

2016, Linux Plumbers: "Syzkaller, Future Developement" by Dmitry Vyukov [slides]

2016: "Coverage-guided kernel fuzzing with syzkaller" [article]

2016: "Filesystem Fuzzing with American Fuzzy Lop" by Vegard Nossum and Quentin Casasnovas [slides]

2015, LinuxCon North America: "KernelAddressSanitizer (KASan): a fast memory error detector for the Linux kernel" by Andrey Konovalov [slides]

2015, DEF CON 23: "Introduction to USB and Fuzzing" by Matt DuHarte [video]

2015, Black Hat: "Don't Trust Your USB! How to Find Bugs in USB Device Drivers" by Sergej Schumilo, Ralf Spenneberg, and Hendrik Schwartke[video]


















CTF tasks

CSAW CTF 2010: writeup, source

CSAW CTF 2011: writeup, source

CSAW CTF 2013: writeup, source and exploit

CSAW CTF 2014: source and exploit

CSAW CTF 2015: writeup 1, writeup 2, source and exploit

Insomni’hack finals 2015: writeup, source and exploit

rwth2011 CTF (ps3game): writeup

PlaidCTF 2013 (Servr): writeup, source

0ctf2016: writeup, exploit