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Bootstrap Listr

The MIT License GitHub release Travis David David

A replacement for default server indices, Bootstrap Listr beautifully displays folders and files in the browser. It is built upon the Bootstrap framework and Font Awesome icons, optionally Bootswatch themes can be used.

Watch a live demo (latest alpha-version!)


Download the latest release or clone the repository.


We use Gulp tasks to configure and build your application. Make sure to have gulp installed globally as well as all local Node dependencies.

# Install Gulp (optional)
npm install -g gulp

# Install dependencies
yarn || npm install

You can now run the build script to create a clean copy of Bootstrap Listr:

# Concatenated assets
npm run build

# Individual assets
npm run build:http2

Alternatively, you can now run the individual Gulp tasks. See gulp help for a list of available tasks.


Deploy build/ to your server. All files that should be accessible in the browser go into the _public folder (you can define a different folder in the config.json). Depending on your Apache settings, you might have to uncomment the RewriteBase setting in the .htaccess file (maybe add folder name after the slash.)


You can configure a number of settings in the file config.json:

  • Optional columns for size and modified date
  • Document icons
  • File viewer for images, videos, audio, source code, PDF and HTML
  • Search box to filter results
  • Column sorting
  • Responsive tables
  • List of ignored files
  • List of hidden files
  • Default location for JavaScript libraries and style sheets (CDN or local)
  • Syntax highlighting in file viewer
  • Save to Dropbox
  • Share buttons
  • Google Analytics
  • Language
  • Virtual files

Please visit the project wiki for details.


It's always a good start to consult the FAQ or the project wiki in general.


Report issue or suggest new features only on GitHub!


To contribute patches, follow this standard procedure:

  1. Fork the repository
  2. Make your changes to the development branch
  3. Communicate your changes
  4. Send a pull request with your changes


For user specific problems or just to have a chat with the developers, feel free to join our Gitter channel.


This project is built upon—or includes—code from the following people:



This work is licensed under the The MIT License.