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Atom snippets for a variety of icon fonts
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Note: As of v2.17, this package supports all Font Awesome v5 icons. If you need to continue the old Font Awesome v4 icons, please install the icon-fonts-legacy package via apm!

Atom snippets for a variety of icon fonts (see details).

This package is also available for Sublime Text and Visual Studio Code.



  • Install package apm install icon-fonts (or use the GUI)

Using Git

  1. Change directory cd ~/.atom/packages/
  2. Clone repository git clone icon-fonts


Snippets are limited to the .text.html, source.(css|less|sass|scss|stylus) and .source.js.jsx scopes. Typing the class name of an icon using the designated prefix will complete to a tag containing the icon class. Exceptions are fa-layers, fa-layers-counter, fa-layers-text and fa-layers (<span>).


Prefix Icon Font Version
ai Android Icons 1.0.0
cc Creative Commons Icon Font 1.2.1
bx BoxIcons -
dashicons WordPress Dashicons
devicons Devicons 1.8.0
el Elusive Icons 2.0.0
fas,far,fab Font Awesome Pro 5.7.2
fi Foundation Icons 3.0
fl Font Logos 0.11
geomicon Geomicons Open 2.0.0
glyphicon Bootstrap Glyphicons 3.3.7
icono Icono 1.3.0
ion Ionicons 2.0.1
mdi Material Design Icons 3.4.93
mfg MFG Labs Iconset
mfizz Font Mfizz 2.4.1
mio Material Design Icons (Official) 3.0.1
octicon GitHub Octicons 4.1.0
oi Open Iconic 1.1.0
openwebicons OpenWeb Icons 1.6.0
pf PaymentFont 1.2.5
ratchicon Ratchicons 2.0.2
st Stack Icons 1.0.0
typcn Typicons 2.0.7
wi Weather Icons 2.0.10
zmdi Material Design Iconic Font 2.2.0

Several previously supported fonts have been removed and are now available in the SVG icons package or the icon fonts legacy package.


  • fa-check+Tab completes to <i class="fa fa-check"></i>
  • glyphicon-check+Tab completes to <span class="glyphicon glyphicons-check"></span>
  • well, you get the idea


This work is licensed under the The MIT License.


You are welcome to support this project using Flattr or Bitcoin 17CXJuPsmhuTzFV2k4RKYwpEHVjskJktRd

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