Completions for popular icon fonts such as Font Awesome, Glyphicons and many more!
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Note: As of v6.1, this package supports all Font Awesome v5 icons. If you need to continue the old Font Awesome v4 icons, please install the “Icon Fonts (Legacy)” package via Package Control!

Sublime Text snippets for several popular icon fonts (see details).

This package is also available for Atom and Visual Studio Code.


Screenshot using the Hopscotch color scheme


Package Control

  1. Make sure you already have Package Control installed
  2. Choose “Install Package” from the Command Palette (Super+Shift+P)
  3. Select “Icon Fonts” and press Enter


  1. Change to your Sublime Text Packages directory
  2. Clone repository git clone "Icon Fonts"


Snippets are limited to the html and css|less|sass|scss|stylus scopes, which might not be activated in your auto_complete_selector user preferences by default. However, you can still force the completion popup to show by pressing Ctrl+Space.

Typing the class name of an icon using the designated prefix will complete to a tag containing the icon class. Exceptions are fa-layers, fa-layers-counter, fa-layers-text and fa-layers (<span>).


Prefix Icon Font Version cdnjs jsDelivr
ai Android Icons 1.0.0 🚫 🚫
brandico Brandico Font 🚫 🚫
cc Creative Commons Icon Font 1.2.1
dashicons WordPress Dashicons 🚫 🚫
devicons Devicons 1.8.0
el Elusive Icons 2.0.0 🚫 🚫
fas,far,fab Font Awesome Pro 5.0.0
fi Foundation Icons 3.0
fl Font Linux 0.9 🚫 🚫
geomicon Geomicons Open 2.0.0 🚫
glyphicon Bootstrap Glyphicons 3.3.6 🚫 🚫
icofont ShapeBootstrap IcoFont 1.0.0b 🚫 🚫
icono Icono 1.3.0 🚫
ion Ionicons 2.0.1 🚫 🚫
mdi Material Design Icons 1.7.22 🚫
mfg MFG Labs Iconset 🚫 🚫
mfizz Font Mfizz 2.3.0 🚫
octicon GitHub Octicons 4.1.0 🚫 🚫
oi Open Iconic 1.1.0 🚫
openwebicons OpenWeb Icons 1.4.3
pf PaymentFont 1.1.2 🚫
ratchicon Ratchicons 2.0.2
st Stack Icons 1.0.0 🚫 🚫
typcn Typicons 2.0.7 🚫 🚫
ui Semantic UI Icons 2.0.7
wi Weather Icons 2.0.10 🚫
zmdi Material Design Iconic Font 2.2.0 🚫

Several previously supported fonts have been removed and are now available in the SVG Icon Snippets package or the icon fonts legacy package.


  • fa-check+Tab completes to <i class="fa fa-check"></i>
  • glyphicon-check+Tab completes to <span class="glyphicon glyphicons-check"></span>
  • well, you get the idea

Snippets also work in the text.css scope, where they complete to the Unicode value of an icon.


  • fa-check+Tab completes to '\f00c'

These snippets also work for Less, SCSS and Stylus files!


If a supported CDN is indicated in the table above, you can use the prefixes cdnjs, jsdelivr, maxcdn to quickly insert a link to the CDN-hosted asset:


  • cdnjs-fa+Tab completes to a <link> tag to the Font Awesome style-sheet
  • jsdelivr-fa+Tab completes to a <link> tag to the Font Awesome style-sheet
  • jsdelivr-geomicon+Tab completes to a <script> tag to the Geomicons script
  • maxcdn-fa+Tab completes to a <link> tag to the Font Awesome style-sheet


This work is licensed under the The MIT License.


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