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Sublime Text snippets for legacy icon fonts that were removed from the main package
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Icon Fonts (Legacy) for Sublime Text

The MIT License Package Control GitHub release Travis

Snippets for icon fonts that have been deprecated from the main Icon Fonts package (see details).

This package is also available for Atom and Visual Studio Code.


Package Control

  1. Make sure you already have Package Control installed
  2. Choose “Install Package” from the Command Palette (Super+Shift+P)
  3. Select “Icon Fonts (Legacy)” and press Enter


  1. Change to your Sublime Text Packages directory
  2. Clone repository git clone "Icon Fonts (Legacy)"


Snippets are limited to the text.html scope, which might not be activated in your auto_complete_selector user preferences by default. However, you can still force the completion popup to show by pressing Ctrl+Space.

Typing the class name of an icon will complete to a tag containing the icon's class.


Prefix Icon Font Version
fa Font Awesome 4.7.0
filetypes Glyphicons Filetypes 1.9.0
foundico Foundation Icons 1.0.0
glyphicons Glyphicons Pro 1.9.0
halflings Glyphicons Halflings 1.9.0
line Elegant Theme Line Icons
social Glyphicons Social 1.9.0


  • foundicon-checkmark+Tab completes to <i class="foundicon-checkmark"></i>
  • glyphicons-check+Tab completes to <span class="glyphicons glyphicons-check"></span>
  • well, you get the idea


This work is licensed under the The MIT License.


You are welcome support this project using Flattr or Bitcoin 17CXJuPsmhuTzFV2k4RKYwpEHVjskJktRd

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