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raspi-hacks -- modifications for Slackware ARM on Raspberry Pi

The raspi-hacks package applies error fixes and performance improvements
to the Slackware ARM installation on your Raspberry Pi.  It will make the
following changes:

* Serial port - /etc/inittab will be modified to replace the 'Local serial
lines' entries s0, s1 and s2.  The Rasberry Pi's UART is /dev/ttyAMA0, not
/dev/ttyS0.  This prevents the error 'INIT: Id "s0" respawning too fast'.

* Clock - the Raspberry Pi has no hardware clock and boots with the
date/time set to 1970-01-01, so /etc/rc.d/rc.local will be modified to
set the correct date/time from the network (using the 'sntp' command). 
Additionally, the file /etc/e2fsck.conf will be created to stop e2fsck
from erroring or requiring manual intervention when it encounters bad time
stamps.  The fakeclock mechanism in a previous version of this package is
no longer used, and the original hwclock command will be restored when you
upgrade this package.  This reinstates the error 'Cannot access the
Hardware Clock via any known method' :-)

* Tuning - /etc/sysctl.conf will be created to tune vm.min_free_kbytes.
This prevents the error 'smsc95xx 1-1.1:1.0: eth0: kevent 2 may have
been dropped'.

* libcofi_rpi - The library /usr/lib/libcofi_rpi.so contains teh_orph's
replacement memcpy and memset functions.  These replacements have been
reported to improve application performance.  They are disabled by default,
but if you want to enable them, use this command and then log out and log
in again:

  chmod ugo-x /etc/profile.d/libcofi_rpi.{sh,csh}