Beautifully done UIAlertView and UIActionSheet replacements inspired by TweetBot
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Based off of gpambrozio/BlockAlertsAnd-ActionSheets


If you're using CocoPods it's as simple as adding this to your Podfile:

pod 'BlockAlertsAnd-ActionSheets', :git => ''


I've forked the original to fix some issues with it, since the original author does not appear to be accepting pull requests.

Using the Library

To create an alert view you use:

BlockAlertView *alert = [BlockAlertView alertWithTitle:@"Alert Title"
                                               message:@"This is a very long message, designed just to show you how smart this class is"];

Then for every button you want you call:

[alert addButtonWithTitle:@"Do something cool" block:^{
    // Do something cool when this button is pressed

You can also add a "Cancel" button and a "Destructive" button (this is one of the improvements that UIAlertView can't even do):

[alert setCancelButtonWithTitle:@"Please, don't do this" block:^{
    // Do something or nothing.... This block can even be nil!

[alert setDestructiveButtonWithTitle:@"Kill, Kill" block:^{
    // Do something nasty when this button is pressed

When all your buttons are in place, just show:

[alert show];