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#!/bin/bash -e
HOST=$(openssl x509 -in /opt/registry/certs/server.cert -text -noout | grep "Subject: CN=" | cut -d"=" -f2)
SERVER_IP="$(wget -q -O-"
aws s3 --sse cp /opt/registry/certs/server.cert s3://$CLIENT_BUCKET/server.cert
aws s3 --sse cp client.cert s3://$CLIENT_BUCKET/client.cert
aws s3 --sse cp client.key s3://$CLIENT_BUCKET/client.key
echo "AWS Instance 'User-Data' Script"
echo "========================================================================"
cat << __EOF__
apt-get update
if [ ! -d /etc/docker/certs.d/$HOST:443 ]; then
export PATH="\$PATH:/usr/local/bin"
curl -sSL | sh
usermod -aG docker ubuntu
service docker start
wget -q -O- | python
pip install awscli
mkdir -p /etc/docker/certs.d/$HOST:443
aws s3 cp s3://$CLIENT_BUCKET/server.cert /etc/docker/certs.d/$HOST:443/ca.crt
aws s3 cp s3://$CLIENT_BUCKET/client.cert /etc/docker/certs.d/$HOST:443/client.cert
aws s3 cp s3://$CLIENT_BUCKET/client.key /etc/docker/certs.d/$HOST:443/client.key
cat /etc/ssl/certs/ca-certificates.crt >> /etc/docker/certs.d/$HOST:443/ca.crt
echo "\$(cat /etc/hosts | grep -v '$HOST')" > /etc/hosts
echo "$SERVER_IP $HOST" >> /etc/hosts
# AWS default 'ulimit -n' is 1024 which can cause issues for some containers (like apache2)
# may need to reboot for this to come into effect
cat > /etc/security/limits.conf << _FILE_
root soft nofile 16384
root hard nofile 16384
* soft nofile 16384
* hard nofile 16384
echo "========================================================================"