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RTSP Raspberry Pi Camera
raspberry pi stream rtsp


Builds the absolutely wonderful v4l2rtspserver project ( for the Raspberry PI.

The build is fully self-contained in a docker environment and the resulting binary pulled out for use on the host.


Install Docker as described here:

curl -sSL | sh


Run ./

Statically compiled binary will appear in the ./bin folder


Enable module to create the /dev/video0 device for the camera

modprobe bcm2835-v4l2
echo bcm2835-v4l2 >> /etc/modules

ALSA device ID

Check arecord -L to see device ID for alsa device. In my case it's hw:1

My device requires channel count 1 -C 1. It was pretty clear in the logs when that wasn't set

Run Manually

/opt/rtsp-raspi/bin/v4l2rtspserver -C 1 /dev/video0,hw:1

Run as Service

Create /opt/

Customize args for v4l2rtspserver as appropriate. -C 1 sets audio device to 1 channel which is required for my specific mic. Username and password should probably be set as well.

exec /opt/rtsp-raspi/bin/v4l2rtspserver -C 1 /dev/video0,hw:1

Create /etc/systemd/system/stream.service

Description=RTSP Camera Service



Load the SystemD module

sudo systemctl enable stream
sudo systemctl daemon-reload
sudo systemctl start stream
sudo systemctl status stream

Check logs with

sudo journalctl -u stream

Test Client

Connect to the stream on another machine with ffplay:

ffplay -sync ext -fflags nobuffer -framedrop rtsp://


See STLs for a case mounting option