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This repository is retired. Add a readme note to that effect.

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# About This Repository

This repository should now be considered a historical curiosity only.

The original version of this code was developed between 2002-2004 and included free with the book "Artificial Intelligence for Games". Over the intervening years, the code has become a less useful reference. The third edition of the textbook is considerably larger, and this code did not keep up with errata or improvements in the algorithms. I have not use the code in this repository for my consulting work in over a decade.

The third edition of the textbook does not mention this code, but includes considerably expanded and corrected listings in the text in a language neutral format. I would recommend that version.


# Historical Information

The Artificial Intelligence for Games system.

Copyright (c) Ian Millington 2003-2009. All Rights Reserved.
@@ -35,7 +48,7 @@ Building with Scons

The code can be built using SCONS, available from Simply cd (change directory) into the build Simply cd (change directory) into the build
directory and type scons.

> cd build

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