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Layout is a high-level Python package for laying out content, primarily for print. It is well documented, tested and commented and has been used in anger for several years.

  • Documentation is found in the "docs" directory.

  • The package is MIT licensed. See LICENSE.txt for the terms.


The system requires ReportLab >= 2.0 to use the ReportLab specific functionality (although the layout parts of the library can be used without it).

To compile the documentation, you'll need make on your system, and the Python Sphinx package (which in turn has a few dependencies).

To test the system, I recommend you use Nose.

A full set of dependencies, including optional dependencies are in the requirements.txt file. Please note that this was created by doing a pip freeze and then editing the == to >= for each requirement, which encodes the versions of libraries I happened to have, earlier versions of the same libraries may also work, I haven't systematically searched for the earliest version of each library that passes the tests.

The docs and testing dependencies are included in the setup.py file. If you are installing the package into your own application, you may not need these.


You can run nosetests from the top level package directory to make sure everything is working.

It is normally useful to install dependencies into a virtualenv, so the workflow would be:

$ virtualenv ve
$ source ve/bin/activate
$ pip install -U -r requirements.txt
$ nosetests


Once you've tested the system, deactivate the virtualenv

$ deactivate

Then activate the virtualenv of the project you're working on (or don't bother if you're installing globally), and do:

$ python setup.py install

Compiling Documentation

The documentation is built with Sphinx, and is created with a Makefile in the docs directory. For example

$ cd docs
$ make html
$ cd build/html
$ python -m SimpleHTTPServer

This will serve the documentation at http://localhost:8000

You can also build HTML-help and LaTeX versions of the documentation, though other software dependencies exist for them.