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Web Servers

This directory contains minimal web-servers in common scripting languages. These are designed to expose the games directory at http://localhost:8000/ so that you can debug your creation in the browser more easily. This is needed because some browsers refuse to store data in localSettings when serving files from a file:/// url. Simply start one of these servers and use the http://localhost:8000/ address instead.

For example, the ruby server (requires Ruby installed):

ruby serve.rb

Or on a unix-type machine;


Similarly for Python (again you'll need Python installed)




You might already have Python installed, it is installed on Macs and Linux machines by default.

If you have a minimal (< 20 lines) web server that can do this job in another language, please ping me and I'll add it here. I am particularly interested in servers that will run out of the box on Windows. I will not include .exe files, however.