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Ingestion Data Mapping Language

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IDML has been developed and maintained by DataSift (now a Meltwater company), where it's been used to deliver high throughput social media firehoses and to allow customers to onboard data easily.

Releasing to Sonatype

If you're a member of the io.idml organisation on sonatype you can perform a release with these commands:

  1. add default-key $KEYID to ~/.gnupg/gpg.conf to specify the key to release with
  2. ++ publishSigned
  3. sonatypePrepare
  4. sonatypeBundleUpload
  5. sonatypeRelease
  6. project tool then assembly to build the tool jar
  7. get the tool jar from ./tool/target/scala-2.12/idml-tool-$VERSION-assembly.jar
  8. create a release on github with the format $VERSION: Title of Release
  9. Upload the assembly jar to that release and write release notes

Special Thanks

This project has had many contributors before being open sourced, these include:

  • Andi Miller
  • Jon Davey
  • Stuart Dallas
  • Courtney Robinson
  • James Bloomer