Mirror of ArchLinux packages that I maintain in AUR. (Each package is in a separate branch.)
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Mirror of ArchLinux packages I maintain in AUR. https://aur.archlinux.org/packages/?K=ido&SeB=m

AUR Packages

Now that AUR 4.x is available, this repository is just for tracking issues and pull requests to AUR packages that I maintain or co-maintain.

Each package that I maintain in AUR has its own branch named aur/<PKGNAME>, for example: aur/openonload. The master branch contains this README.md file and is otherwise empty (although it does retain the history of my packages from before AUR 4.x).

To work on a particular package, you can clone this repository and checkout the branch corresponding to the package. When submitting pull requests or issues, please reference the package name.


If you want to adopt or co-maintain a package, submit an AUR comment, GitHub issue, or email me. I'll be grateful for the help! Now that AUR4 supports comaintainers, I can add you as a co-maintainer, or if you prefer I can also disown the package for you to adopt it. (Submitting an orphan request on AUR also works for the latter.)

Please feel free to submit a GitHub issue or pull request here if you do not want the burden of maintainership, but do want something changed.