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This repository contains the sources for the following idoall/ubuntu:16.04 base images:


Docker 创建 Jira Core/SoftWare 7.12.3 中文版


# Pull image
git clone https://github.com/idoall/docker.git
cd ubuntu16.04-jira-software/7.12.3

# hack hack hack

# Build
docker build -t idoall/ubuntu16.04-jira-software:<tag> .

# Run rm
docker run -it --name=idoall_jira_software --rm -p 80:8080 idoall/ubuntu16.04-jira-software:<tag> /bin/bash

# After running, wait for 1 minutes.
# Open http://localhost/ in your browser
docker run -d --name=idoall_jira_software -p 80:8080 idoall/ubuntu16.04-jira-software:<tag>

# access the contain
docker exec -it idoall_jira_software /bin/bash

Using docker stack deploy service to create APP

When deploying, pay attention to modifying the my.ini in the docker-compose.yml file content.

deploy service

docker stack deploy -c docker-compose.yml mshk_jira_software

remove deploy

docker stack rm mshk_jira_software

view service list

# 所有服务列表
docker service ls

# 指定应用的列表
docker stack services mshk_jira_software

View service status

watch docker service ps mshk_jira_software