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Docker-Dokuwiki-PHP7.1.9-Tengine/2.2.0 (Nginx/1.8.1)-Ubuntu/16.04

This repository contains the sources for the following base images:


# Pull image
git clone
cd ubuntu16.04-tengine2.2.0-php7.1.9-dokuwiki/2018-04-22a

# hack hack hack

# build
docker build -t idoall/ubuntu16.04-tengine2.2.0-php7.1.9-dokuwiki:20180412a .

# run
docker run -it \
--rm \
--name dokuwiki \
--hostname dokuwiki \
-p 80:80 \

# Then setup dokuwiki using installer at URL http://localhost/install.php

Where is the data stored? 

The dokuwiki container uses host mounted volumes to store persistent data:

Local location Container location
/srv/dokuwiki_folder /home/work/_app/nginx/html

You can fine tune these directories to meet your requirements.

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