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This repository contains two Python scripts for checking the format of prediction files for CAFA3

For more information on CAFA see: Specifically, for the CAFA rules see:!Synapse:syn5840147/wiki/402192


New for any prediction file:

./ filename

Where "filename" is the path to the prediction file or zipped archive

This checks any type of prediction file. CAFA3 format checker will first check that the filename is correctly formatted. Based on the filename structure, the program will run cafa_binding_site_format_checker, cafa_go_format_checker, or cafa_hpo_format_checker.

Authored by Iddo Friedberg and Tim Bergquist. Distributed under GPLv3 license (attached)



Important: If you are participating in CAFA3, you should subscribe to the afp-cafa mailing list: