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A javascript helper library for writing interactive WebGL apps.

The library is built around a single core file kangas-core.js that defines wrapper objects for WebGLRenderingContext, WebGLShader and WebGLProgram. This core can be used on its own, and is already useful. However, for convenience the core functionality is extended in a modular way:

  • kangas.js -- extends the graphics context object defined in kangas-core.js, to include handling of touch/mouse events, cleanup before page unload, and fullscreen requests.

  • kangas-transforms.js and kangas-constants.js -- some 3D math and constants.

  • kangas-renderer.js -- an object that manages the animation loop and the vertex and index data.

  • kangas-texture.js -- a wrapper object around WebGLTexture; aids in creating textures from various sources (image file, frambuffer attachment, raw pixel data, etc.), and managing texture parameters.

  • kangas-noise.js -- generating noise textures: White noise, Worley (cellular) noise, and fractal noise.

  • kangas-bumpmap.js -- extends kangas-texture by providing functionality for generating a bumpmap texture from a given input texture.

  • shader-source-load -- A web worker script for loading shader files and organizing shader source code for the rest of the application.

  • webgl-app.css -- an extremely basic css stylesheet for WebGL apps; mostly for fullscreen applications.

  • The library contains a third-party minimized script for building Voronoi diagrams. The script is copyrighted (C) 2010-2013 Raymond Hill, released under MIT license, and its source code is available at

The library's functionality is accessed through a single global object (named Kangas by default), which is the constructor for the graphics context wrapper object, mentioned above.

Examples of WebGL apps using the library are available at and


A javascript helper library for writing interactive WebGL web apps.




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