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-# <img src="" alt="AFNetworking"> Latest News (Mobil Haber)
+# <img src="" alt="LatestNewsIcon"> Latest News (Mobil Haber)
## Overview
@@ -7,9 +7,23 @@ Mobil Haber is a visual RSS reader application designed for iOS devices. It retr
and News papers' RSS services.
This app is free of charge and ads-free in order to provide a better user experience.
+<img src="" width="500" />
+<img src="" width="281" />
## Features
-TODO: list features here...
+ - Retrieve data from 30+ RSS services which provide images for each rss item
+ - Show list of rss news for each source in a seperate horizontal table view
+ - Group news sources accoring to their categories( economy, sports etc. ) and show them in a main table view
+ - Parse reponse xmls of rss services in background threads using GCD dispatch queues, eliminate duplicate and no-image items
+ - Use <a href="">AFNetworking</a> for making asynchronous http requests
+ - Use <a href="">SDWebImage</a> for caching images shown in main table view
+ - Open the link of a news item in a seperate UIWebView when an item is selected from the main table view
+ - Retrieve rss sources list from a plist file stored in <a href="">Amazon S3</a>, cache the file in NSUserDefaults, fallback to local plist file if necessary
+TODO: list other features...
## Support

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