A side scrolling shooting game designed to run on the Game Boy Advance system
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Raven X - Homebrew GBA Shooter

Raven X is a homebrew sidescrolling shooter game written entirely in C for the Gameboy Advance handheld gaming system with no additional libraries. I wrote this game for fun to become better with programming on devices. The TONC manual was used as a reference for interfacing with the GBA hardware.

RavenX menu

RavenX in game

How to play

Download the ROM (.gba file) and play it in your favorite Gameboy Advance emulator. I recommend Visual Boy Advance.


  • Press Start to start new game
  • Use the D-pad to move
  • Hold A to shoot
  • Press L to change background
  • Press Select to pause the game

How to compile

You can install the HAM 2.8 GBA deveopment toolchain in order to build the ROM, although other GBA toolchains can be used as well.


RavenX is licensed with the CC BY license. The art and sound assets are copyright of their original creators.