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This is heavily under development and does NOT even qualify to be a BETA... Builds may break...

Each time the app crashes, Sango gets really angry and his rage awakes stars, long presumed to be dead, and for every okay you press to the ANR dialogs, there is a 1/800x10-99 chance that your phone may trigger a chain reaction, creating a rift in the space-time continuum and impacting upon dinosaur extinctions!

tldr; only use if you know what you are doing.


Open the APK file in your device and follow the successive dialogs. If you get an "installation not allowed" warning, enable Third-party app installation from [Settings > Security > Unknown sources].

##Manual Updating

Since the app is not "yet" on the google play store, updates are served manually from the Github CDN, to update, use the in-app menu and tap "Check for Update". If a new version is available, it will prompt for download and a new apk will be downloaded for you to install as in the Installation manual.