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{spawn} = require "child_process"
HOUR_IN_MILLI = 3600000
lastCheckInHours = 1
knife = "knife"
buildKnifeArgs = (role, env) ->
curTime =
freshTime = curTime - (lastCheckInHours * HOUR_IN_MILLI)
["search", "node", "--format=json", "role:#{role} AND chef_environment:#{env} AND ohai_time:[#{freshTime} TO #{curTime}]"]
getNodesByRoleAndEnv = (role, env, cb) ->
res = ''
knifeProc = spawn knife, buildKnifeArgs(role, env)
knifeProc.stdout.setEncoding "utf8"
knifeProc.stderr.setEncoding "utf8"
knifeProc.stdout.on "data", (data) ->
res += data
knifeProc.stderr.on "data", (data) ->
console.log "had an error!", data
return cb new Error("knife had an error")
knifeProc.on "exit", (code) ->
if code
console.log "output", res
return cb new Error("knife had an error")
nodes = JSON.parse res
cb null, nodes
defaultFindHost = (member) ->
module.exports = (opts, cb) ->
return cb new Error "no role specified" if not opts.role
return cb new Error "no user specified" if not opts.user
findHost = opts.findHost || defaultFindHost
knife = opts.knifePath || knife
lastCheckInHours = opts.checkIn || lastCheckInHours
env = opts.env || "_default"
getNodesByRoleAndEnv opts.role, env, (err, nodes) ->
return cb err if err?
return cb new Error("no hosts found!") if not nodes.results
members = nodes.rows
hosts = []
for member in members
hosts.push "#{opts.user}@#{findHost(member)}"
catch error
return cb new Error("failed to find the hostname using method:\n #{findHost.toString()}")
cb null, hosts