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Language Server for Idris2.

NOTE: At this stage the LSP server requires an ipkg file to work correctly, for reference material about packages look here and here. To start a new project with an ipkg, even for a single file, you can issue the idris2 --init command, which provides an interactive interface for package creation.

pack install-app idris2-lsp

Manual Installation

# If you already have idris2, uninstall idris2 unless you installed it from source
git clone # Clone this repository
cd idris2-lsp
git submodule update --init Idris2 # Get the associated Idris commit
cd Idris2 # Change into the Idris2 directory
make bootstrap SCHEME=chez # Boostrap Idris
make install # Install Idris
# If needed, modify your shell files to ensure ~/.idris2/bin is in your PATH
make clean # Clean Idris
make all # Build Idris
make install # Install Idris
make install-with-src-libs # Install sources for libraries
make install-with-src-api # Install the API with sources
cd .. # Go back to the idris2-lsp directory
git submodule update --init LSP-lib # Get the associated LSP-lib commit
cd LSP-lib
idris2 --install-with-src # Install the LSP library
cd .. # Go back to the idris2-lsp directory
make install # Install idris2-lsp

Can be installed on Windows via MSYS2.

Editor Plugins

Refer to the project wiki for editor-specific configurations.


To compile idris2-lsp you need a working installation of the Idris2 compiler (available here) and you also need the idris2api package. See the install guide how to build the idris2api package.

NOTE: The version of the Idris2 compiler available as submodule is the only tested version, we will try to keep in sync with the latest master. For specific releases of the compiler refer to the branches with the same name as the release.


Run make install to install the server, by default it will be placed in the same default directory of the Idris2 compiler, i.e. ~/.idris2/bin.

Go to commands and package dependencies

The server provides support for some go to commands, e.g. go to definition, however to reach modules declared in other packages you must install packages with idris2 --install-with-src instead of idris2 --install. To access the standard library run make install-with-src-libs after building the compiler and make install-with-src-api if you also want to access to the idris2api package.

Configuration options

Server options that can be set via the initializationOptions object in the initialization message:

Option key Type Description
logFile string Absolute location of the log file for the server (default: stderr)
logSeverity string Logs a string with the provided severity level (default: Debug)
longActionTimeout number Timeout in ms for long actions, e.g. expression search (default: 5000)
maxCodeActionResults number Maximum number of multiple code actions for a single command, e.g. expression search (default: 5)
showImplicits boolean Show implicits in hovers
showMachineNames boolean Show machine names in hovers
fullNamespace boolean Show full namespace in hovers

Code Actions Filters

As per specification, client can filter requested code actions with the context.only field in the request parameters. The following table specifies the list of keys that enable each code actions. A null field enables all actions, while an empty array disables all actions.

Code Action Allowed Keys
CaseSplit refactor.rewrite,refactor.rewrite.CaseSplit
ExprSearch refactor.rewrite,refactor.rewrite.ExprSearch
GenerateDef refactor.rewrite,refactor.rewrite.GenerateDef
Intro refactor.rewrite,refactor.rewrite.Intro
MakeCase refactor.rewrite,refactor.rewrite.MakeCase
MakeClause refactor.rewrite,refactor.rewrite.MakeClause
MakeLemma refactor.extract,refactor.extract.MakeLemma
MakeWith refactor.rewrite,refactor.rewrite.MakeWith
RefineHole refactor.rewrite,refactor.rewrite.RefineHole


Some examples can be found in the test/lsp/example directory. Many of the existing functionality still needs to be documented.