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Idris (http://idris-lang.org/) is a general-purpose functional programming language with dependent types.

Installation Guides.

This repository represents the latest development version of the language, and may contain bugs that are being actively worked on. For those who wish to use a more stable version of Idris please consider installing the latest version that has been released on Hackage. Installation instructions for various platforms can be found on the Idris Wiki.

More information about building Idris from source has been detailed in the Installation Guide

Code Generation

Idris has support for external code generators. Supplied with the distribution is a C code generator to compile executables, and a JavaScript code generator with support for node.js and browser JavaScript.

More information about code generators can be found on the wiki.

More Information

If you would like to find out more information, or ask questions, we currently have a Wiki; a mailing list, and an IRC channel #idris on freenode. To join the IRC channel, point your irc client to chat.freenode.net then /join #idris.

For those further interested in using Idris for projects, the Idris Hackers GitHub organisation is where some interesting projects are being hosted.

For those interested in contributing to Idris directly we kindly ask that prospective developers please consult the Contributing Guide first.