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-Don't get your hopes up, this could take a while...
+Idris ( is an experimental functional programming
+language with dependent types.
+To install, type 'make'. This will install everything using cabal and
+typecheck the libraries.
@@ -9,7 +9,11 @@ Homepage:
Stability: Alpha
Category: Compilers/Interpreters, Dependent Types
Synopsis: Dependently Typed Functional Programming Language
-Description: An experimental new version of Idris
+Description: Idris is an experimental language with full dependent types.
+ Dependent types allow types to be predicated on values,
+ meaning that some aspects of a program's behaviour can be
+ specified precisely in the type. The language is closely
+ related to Epigram and Agda. There is a tutorial at <>.
Cabal-Version: >= 1.6
Build-type: Simple

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