Google Summer of Code 2017 ideas & plans

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Many developers in the Idris project have expressed interest in participating in Google Summer of Code (GSoC). Recently, the 2017 version of GSoC has been announced, and so this page serves as a place to collect ideas and plans about possible projects and organisational structure.


There are some links from Google directed at defining and organising a summer of code as a mentoring organization:

Project ideas




  • Add a TT* stage to the Idris compiler
    • Unless @ziman does it in the meantime
  • Create a fast RTS
    • Possibly a Malfunction back-end
  • Working LLVM backend & Runtime System
  • Implement a better garbage collection algorithm
  • Add support for unboxing
  • Syscall interface in the C/LLVM runtime
  • Reimplement type providers to use elaborator reflection instead


Type Theory

  • Reimplement TT/TT*/Idris in Idris
  • Implement an observational version of TT, preferably in Idris

Relevant links

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