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Fireworks: The complete project

Hello! This is the full source for the game Fireworks as seen here which is an online port of the card game Hanabi.

Organization and explanation

This project is organized into two parts main parts, the client side project and the server size project. They can be found within the fireworks-client/src folder and the fireworks-server folder respectively.

The reason why the project is set up in such a way is simply because of my limited resources as this is merely a fun side project and nothing serious. I have a domain, a shared hosting subscription and Heroku (free tier) to work with. Thus, my site would get the best performance if I were to use my hosting service to host the front end. However since I don't own a dedicated server, I had to rely on Heroku to actually host the server code. This meant that I had to break the project up into two pieces as opposed to having just one big nodejs project like i've seen many other web developers do.


The client side project uses

  • SCSS (Sass) for styling
  • HTML for the base page source
  • JSX with React for dynamic rendering of all of the pages
  • JSX with harmony for ES6 support
  • RequireJS for a more modular approach to web development
  • GSAP for some animations
  • JQuery for... stuff
  • Tooltip from JQueryUI for tooltips
  • Nanoscroller for lightweight customizable scroll bars
  • SocketIO for client-server communication

The server side project uses

  • SocketIO for client-server communication
  • Express because SocketIO needs it? Not too sure. I don't do much server development.
  • NodeJS
  • babel for ES6 support


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