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Outlier - The front end

This is the source for the website hosted at If you are looking for the backend source, you can find it here.

About the project

You can find out more about the project here.


The front end uses a mixed bag of technologies. The reason? To learn new things!

The site uses standard html with scss and JXS. On top of this, we use:

  • JQuery... I don't think this one needs an explanation
  • React for creating a dynamic front end
  • RequireJs for a more modular approach to web programming

Try it locally!

The easiest way to host this project is to use Python. Steps: 0. Get Python if you don't already have it. Look here. 0. Checkout this repository. 0. Navigate into the src directory. 0. Run python -m SimpleHTTPServer 5000 0. Done! Now to see the website just navigate to http://localhost:5000/ in your favourite browser.

Building the project from scratch

You don't need to build the project to run the project. All generated javascript files are checked into the repo so you can run the project by following the steps here. The only extra bit that building the project gets you are optimized and minified CSS and JS files.

Currently building the project and getting it to generate all of the files for prod might be a bit difficult (sorry about that). This is due to not having enough time since this is an API competetive entry. So instead, I'm going to first go over the steps that need to happen to build the project and then explain how I do it.

So due to the use of different technologies, building this project requires a bunch of different steps. To build the project, you want to: 0. First compile all of the scss files to generate css file. The project is setup to expect the css files in the same directory the scss file was. For instance src/champion/champion.scss should compile to src/champion/champion.css and src/index.scss should compile to src/index.css.

  1. Next you want to compile all of the JSX files. All JSX source files are in src/a/. The project expects all generated JS files to be in src/js/. Note that the folder structure of the source files should be kept in src/js/.
  2. After you are done with all of that all that is left to be done is to compile and optimize the project using r.js. The config file for this can be found at src/js/build.js.
  3. If you did all of this you should now have a generated directory called www-built.

Before we continue I must explain that I use Windows so all steps explained here might be slightly platform specific. Alright so how do I accomplish all of this? 0. For the scss compilation, I use Koala. I just point it to the src directory and Koala will monitor any changes in any of the scss files and recompile them as needed.

  1. For this step I just use the JSX tool provided by Facebook. See here. You can find the script I use for this in start_jsx.bat. Note that the script is tailored to my machine because JSX doesn't work well with cygwin.
  2. This is the easiest (and probably the most OS independent) step. Just run ./build_site_prod in the root of this repo.

That's it!