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This is a simulation somewhat like StarLogo (cf. Mitchel Resnick, Turtles, Termites, and Traffic Jams: Explorations in Massively Parallel Microworlds)

with "turtles" - active agents that move around the world using simple scripts,

and "patches" - a grid of locations that can hold state (and also do things if they want to).

The world wraps on the side and top/bottom (it's a torus).

The code I'm writing and playing with is in playground/index.html and playground/

This runs completely in-browser; presently you program it in CoffeeScript. There's an example starting script already visible in the browser that you can click on and edit. There are buttons in the top-right to re-compile and run the script; it will give you an error message if you have a syntax error. (Currently, the line number it gives you is not very usable, and various other things are probably tedious. It is not yet self-documenting.)

Tested in: current Firefox and Chromium.

CoffeeScript intro for programmers

It compiles to JavaScript and tries to have as straightforward a correspondence between the CoffeeScript and the JavaScript in order to aid debugging and make people more comfortable with using CoffeeScript. Indentation matters. The last line of a function implicitly has a return prefixed to it if there isn't one there. @ means this, and @thing means this.thing. (a, b) -> stuff creates a function. Zero-argument functions may have the argument tuple omitted (-> stuff). Function-call argument parens, object-construction curly-brackets, etc., may be omitted in some cases. An entire CoffeeScript is wrapped in (function{...}()), and var is implicit; thus it's impossible to write to global variables except by saying things like = "bar".


Inspiration from StarLogo and many people.

Libraries Backbone.js, Underscore.js, jQuery, Raphaël, CoffeeScript (most of which I don't use currently)

Code started from Raphael demo "graffle" (though currently has nothing to do with it)