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Tools for embedding observable notebooks in Idyll documents
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Idyll Observable plugin

Enables usage of notebooks created using ObservableHQ in Idyll documents. Idyll variables can be bound to properties of the Observable cells and will work reactively as expected.

Note currently this reactivity only goes one way, from Idyll --> Observable. Changes made via Observable widgets do not currently get passed back to Idyll.


$ npm install --save-dev idyll-plugin-observable

Add it to your idyll configuration in package.json:

"idyll": {
  "compiler": {
    "postProcessors": ["idyll-plugin-observable"]

Notebook cells can then be included in Idyll markup using markup like:

    lineWidth: lineWidth,
    height: height
  }` /]

Known Issues

The plugin pulls the notebook code and all dependencies down at compile time. Currently, the first time you do this the compilation will fail with a "component not found error". If you see this message, re-compile and things should work properly.

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