NLP framework for Java with integrated NLP model zoo.
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Idyl NLP

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Idyl NLP is a natural language processing (NLP) framework released under the business-friendly Apache License, version 2.0. The framework features core NLP capabilities such as language detection, sentence extraction, tokenization, and named-entity extraction.

Idyl NLP uses a combination of custom implementations and other open-source projects to perform its tasks. In some cases there are multiple implementations available allowing a choice of which to use. Idyl NLP stands on the shoulders of giants to provide a capable, flexible, and powerful NLP framework.

If you are looking for commercially supported NLP microservices look at the NLP Building Blocks. These applications are powered by Idyl NLP.

Visit the Idyl NLP home page at

Idyl NLP Capabilities

Refer to the sample projects for example implementations of the below capabilities. Some of the unit tests in this project will also provide examples.

  • Language Detection
  • Sentence Extraction
  • Tokenization
  • Named-Entity Extraction (supports neural network models on CPU/GPU)
  • Document Classification (supports neural network models on CPU/GPU)

All of these core capabilities with the exception of language detection can utilize custom trained models. The ability to train and evaluate trained models is available. Named-entity extraction and document classification support neural network models as well as maximum entropy and perceptron-based models.

Idyl NLP Ecosystem Projects

Projects Using Idyl NLP


Release and snapshot dependencies are available:


Simplified NER Pipeline

An example to quickly make a named-entity extraction pipeline to extract person entities from English natural language text:

NerPipelineBuilder builder = new NerPipeline.NerPipelineBuilder();
NerPipeline pipeline =;

EntityExtractionResponse response ="George Washington was president.");

for(Entity e : response.getEntities()) {

This code outputs:

Text: George Washington; Confidence: 0.96; Type: person; Language Code: eng; Span: [0..2);

Building Idyl NLP

Idyl NLP requires Java 8. To build, simply:

mvn clean install


Unit tests are included. Some tests require data that cannot be made publicly available at this time due to either size constraints or licensing. These tests are categorized as ExternalData and are skipped during a regular build. We execute these tests using an in-house build job executed after each commit. We are working to find a suitable location to host the large test data to make it available to everyone.

There are also some tests categorized as HighMemoryUsage. These tests require a very large amount of memory to execute. For this reason they are disabled during regular builds. We execute these tests on a privately hosted build server.


Idyl NLP is available under the Apache License, version 2.0.

Copyright 2018 Mountain Fog, Inc.