Trained models for use with Idyl NLP.
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Idyl NLP Models

This project contains model manifests for trained NLP models to use with Idyl NLP and Idyl NLP Model Zoo. Refer to each model manifest for information about the training data used to create the model. The models are organized by model generation, then by language (ISO 639-2 codes), and then by type (sentence, token, entity, etc.). Entity models are further arranged by entity type. Some models have multiple versions available. Versioning utilizes whole numbers, e.g. v1, v2.


Note that the model files themselves are not stored in this repository. The model files can be retrieved using the Idyl NLP Model Zoo.

To use a model, download the model's manifest and use it from Idyl NLP. (See the Idyl NLP Samples for examples.) If the model file for the manifest does not already exist locally it will be downloaded automatically. For more information see Idyl NLP's Models wiki page.

Model Performance

The performance of these models will vary greatly based on how well your text resembles the training text. Because of this, these models may or may not work well for your use-case.

Contributing Models

You can train your own custom models with Idyl NLP, and if you do, you are encouraged to share the models here for other Idyl NLP users if the license of the training text and situation permit it.

To do so, please submit a pull request containing the model's manifest file and send us an email at letting us know where we can download the model. We will get it cataloged and added to the model zoo. We appreciate your contributions!


Because the license for each model varies, refer to each model manifest for details on the model's license.

Copyright 2018 Mountain Fog, Inc.