Sample projects showing usage of Idyl NLP.
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Idyl NLP Sample Projects

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This project illustrates the use of the Idyl NLP Java framework for natural language processing. The classes in this project show how to perform various NLP tasks and are intended to help you get started using Idyl NLP.

Core Samples

These sample classes each show how to perform one of Idyl NLP's capabilities. Each class contains a main method that can be run to demonstrate the capability.

Flink Samples

This project demonstrates uses of Idyl NLP with Apache Flink on streaming data. To run these samples, open a connection to localhost port 12345 in a terminal window:

nc -l 12345

Then run the main() method in an example class. Once the Flink job has started send some text through the terminal.


This project is available under the Apache License, version 2.0.

Copyright 2018 Mountain Fog, Inc.