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Idyl NLP

Idyl NLP is a Java framework for natural language processing. It provides core NLP capabilities such as language detection, sentence extraction, tokenization, named-entity extraction, document classification, and others. It is licensed under the business-friendly Apache License, version 2.0.

The samples project contains classes illustrating use of Idyl NLP's core capabilities. The unit tests throughout Idyl NLP can also be referenced for examples.

Idyl NLP uses a combination of custom implementations and other open-source projects to perform its tasks. In some cases there are multiple implementations available. All core capabilities are abstracted by interfaces to allow a choice of implementation. Idyl NLP stands on the shoulders of giants to provide a capable and powerful NLP framework.

If you are looking for pre-built NLP microservices available as Docker containers and deployable on AWS and Azure checkout the NLP Building Blocks powered by Idyl NLP.

Visit the Idyl NLP home page at idylnlp.ai.


Until Idyl NLP is available on Maven Central, you can use Idyl NLP by cloning the repository and building the project. To build:

mvn clean install

You can now add the Idyl NLP dependencies to your project as needed.

Reporting Issues, Problems, and Features Requests

Please use the issues to submit any issues, problems, or feature requests that you encounter.

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