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What is Idyl NLP?

Idyl NLP is a Java library that provides various NLP capabilities. It is licensed under the Apache License, version 2.0, making it suitable for commercial usage.

Why was Idyl NLP created?

Idyl NLP was created to provide an NLP library available under a business-friendly license that features a wide set of NLP features. With Idyl NLP, hopefully you will be able to reduce your NLP dependencies into fewer dependencies due to Idyl NLP's consolidated features.

Why would I use Idyl NLP instead of one of its dependencies directly?

Idyl NLP employs several libraries to perform NLP tasks. For example, the wonderful OpenNLP library can be used for language detection, sentence detection, and named-entity recognition. Your application could use OpenNLP directly instead of Idyl NLP. The tradeoff of doing so is that you lose the alternative implementations provided by Idyl NLP for some capabilities, such as language detection. With Idyl NLP you can choose either the OpenNLP language detector or the Tika language detector. Additionally, with Idyl NLP you can choose between OpenNLP and a DeepLearning4j named-entity recognizer.

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