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A Content Storage Layer over a Sparse Map (eg Column DB)
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Sparse Map Build Status

What is SparseMap ?

Sparse Map is a content repository supporting shallow wide hierachies of content typical of Social Media content systems. It has support for storing that content on sharded databases and ColumnDBs with file bodies store on a number of persistence mechanisms.

This project contains the core content server, with driver and a application framework that uses Apache Felix and some supporting components from Apache Sling. The content store is exposed via WebDav using the Milton WebDAV implementation, and through restfull services using JAX-RS provided by RESTEasy. There is also support for Proxying to other applications. Authentication is via OpenID, OAuth or BasicAuth with exposed service APIs to allow extension. User sessions are stateless and are managed by a rotaiting cryptographic token to eliminate the need to store anything on a per user basis.

The application server uses Jetty to manage the HTTP protocol and is intended to have a minimal footprint ( ie < 64MB), be 100% concurrent with no points of synchronisation between threads servicing requests and capable of serving both synchronous and asynchronous requests within the same container.

The core content system contains support for Content, Users, Groups, AccessControl and Locking. Support for other aspects related to social media will be added over time.

Future Features

  • Some form of templating library
  • Support for Async services (WebSocket etc)
  • Asymetric Social graph
  • ElasticSearch suport for indexing content
  • Single Instance content body store.
  • Support for resmon based monitoring.

CI Builds

Continuous Integration builds are running at Travis CI with a fill test build against PostgreSQL and Derby. Once I have re-written the Cassandra driver that will be added.

Build Status


The application uses an unreleased version of the Felix HTTP Service (2.2.1-SNAPSHOT). The versions of this jar that are in snapshot repositories are extreemly out of date, and so for the moment you will need to checkout Apache felix and build the http subproject.

svn co felix cd felix/http make clean install

Building artifacts

mvn clean install

This will build and run tests for the drivers.

Building the application server

mvn -Pbuild-app

Running the application server

mvn -Prun

Running integration tests

A server must be running, the integration tests will not start a server.

mvn -Prun

Then run the integration tests.

mvn -Pintegration test

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