Checklists for use by US based domestic non-profits in advancing their security levels.
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The documents in this repository comprise a set of digital security checklists for use by US based non-profit organizations with a focus on human practice and organizational management. One checklist is oriented towards assessing an organization's readiness to take on this type of work. Additional documents represent framing information and a glossary.

They are not appropriate for use in other countries without a thorough review and update to reflect conditions in that environment. It is not our fault if you do not heed this important concern, but would be happy to discuss updating the content in this way. Contact us?


  1. Introduction Framing remarks about the purpose, assumptions and limitations of these documents.

  2. Readiness Checklist A tool for assessing whether an organization has pressing technology challenges that should be resolved before attempting to increase digital security levels.

  3. Legend What the symbols in these documents mean.

  4. Email Safety Checklist A checklist of tasks related to safe(r) use of Email

  5. Password and Authentication Checklist
    A checklist of tasks related to improving password and authentication practices.

  6. Public Wireless Checklist A checklist of tasks related to improving security levels when depending on public wireless networks

  7. Glossary A glossary defining the technical terms used in these documents in as non-technical language as possible


These documents could not exist without the support of a large group of technical and organizational readers who offered us feedback and review as well as RoadMap Consulting who sponsored the project and is actively using these as a tool to support its clients.

Our gratitude for these humans and organizations working on the front lines of important change making work is immense.