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Windows program for updating the Open Logic Sniffer FPGA flash ROM
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Open Logic Sniffer FPGA Image Loader
Copyright © 2011 by Ian Davis
This software is released under the GNU GPL2.

A Windows GUI based program for loading new FPGA images into
the OLS.  Source is VC6 compatible.

For more information see:

Some portions may embody copyrights of the following:
  © 2010 Michal Demin - FPGA Image Loader (ols_loader)
  © 1998-2010 PJ Naughter - Serial Port Enumerator
  © 1999 Eran Yariv - Two Pass Image Scaler
  © 2001-2002 David Yuheng Zhao - Visual Themes

Download.  Compile.  Enjoy.

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