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IEEE VIT Student Chapter

The central code repository for Open Source projects done by the members of IEEE-VIT SB

At IEEE-VIT, we innovate, transforming mere ideas to inspired projects. Our creations span a wide range of technologies, each with a unique purpose. Be it Machine Learning or Cyber Security, we've covered it all!

For the month of July 🍃

We're heading back to school this month! More opportunities for brainstorming and collaboration mean only one thing - exciting new projects!🏈🧑‍🚀


  1. templa-rs Public

    One-Stop Solution for all boilerplate needs!

    Rust 27 26

  2. auto-grader Public

    Automatically grades answer sheets

    Jupyter Notebook 17 13

  3. termiboard Public

    A smart CLI Dashboard to fetch cpu, memory and network stats!

    Go 30 16

  4. Backend for Palette'21 made using Node.ts

    TypeScript 16 3

  5. heimdall Public

    A highly customisable discord bot that assigns users roles based on different invite links

    Python 18 1

  6. This repository contains the user-side frontend code for IEEE Recruitment 2020