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Latest commit ae6a5bd @iegor net-fs::winexe digest
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Documentation EAPI 2 bump, qt-meta dependecies fixes, other stuff.
app-antivirus/klamav file modes changed
app-arch/p7zip file modes changed
app-backup/keep file modes changed
app-cdr app-cdr: k3b, patched added
app-crypt file modes changed
app-doc app-doc: doxygen ebuilds added
app-editors/kile file modes changed
app-emulation app-emulation:libvirt: added ebuilds and
app-i18n/koffice-i18n file modes changed
app-laptop file modes changed
app-misc app-misc:linux-vt-setcolors ebuild added
app-mobilephone/kmobiletools file modes changed
app-office file modes changed
app-pda/libopensync-plugin-kdepim file modes changed
app-portage file modes changed
app-text file modes changed
app-vim app-vim: airline added
compiz_configs updated access rights for paludis compatibility
dev-android dev-android: adb adapted ebuild and ++EAPI
dev-db file modes changed
dev-embedded/pikdev file modes changed
dev-games file modes changed
dev-java dev-java: icedtea:
dev-lang/fasm dev-lang::fasm: digested
dev-libs glib ebuilds rescued
dev-perl file modes changed
dev-python file modes changed
dev-qt/qt-meta dev-qt: qt-meta, EGIT_REPO_URI fix
dev-util dev-util: codelite 9999 ebuild updated
dev-vcs file modes changed
eclass eclass: added new eclasses
games-emulation/kvisualboyadvance file modes changed
games-indie/tnb file modes changed
games-mud games-mud: minetest games 9999:
games-puzzle/easysok file modes changed
games-sports file modes changed
games-strategy boson RTS game ebuild resurrected
games-util hh-lib atoms
gfx-tools/glsl-optimizer gfx-tools: glsl-optimizer .swp file removed
gnome-base file modes changed
kde-base kde-base: added kchmviewer ebuilds
kde-misc kde-misc: kdiff3, live ebuild is merged to kdesdk module now, which m…
mail-client file modes changed
media-fonts/oxygen-fonts media-fonts: oxygen-fonts ebuilds added
media-gfx media-gfx:nafe: ebuilds added
media-libs media-libs: freetype ebuilds added
media-plugins media-plugins: audacious-plugins, ebuilds added
media-sound media-sound: paprefs ebuilds added
media-tv file modes changed
media-video media-video: devede, patch to fix crash upon convertion
metadata portage 2.2.1 compatibility issue fix
net-analyzer file modes changed
net-dns/avahi net-dns: avahi, 0.6.30 r1 patched to build
net-firewall/knetfilter file modes changed
net-fs/winexe net-fs::winexe digest
net-im net-im: skype ebuilds updated
net-irc file modes changed
net-libs/webkit-gtk net-libs: webkit-gtk ebuilds added
net-misc net-misc: tigervnc: eselect move to app-eselect
net-nds/luma file modes changed
net-p2p file modes changed
net-print net-print: added epson drivers for cups
net-voip/twinkle file modes changed
net-wireless file modes changed
profiles profiles: addded base profile
sci-electronics/qucs file modes changed
sci-mathematics file modes changed
sci-misc file modes changed
sys-apps sys-apps: udev usb and other automount scripts changed
sys-block/kvpm sys-block: kvpm ebuilds added
sys-firmware file modes changed
sys-kernel file modes changed
sys-power sys-power: cpufrequtils ebuilds added
sys-utils/useful-scripts file modes changed
virtual/poppler-qt3 removed package-manager from tree.
www-client www-client: firefox: ebuilds updated
x11-apps/ccsm file modes changed
x11-drivers x11-drivers::nvidia-drivers: updated ebuilds
x11-libs x11-libs: libxkbcommon ebuilds added
x11-misc bumblebee updated and syntax fix
x11-plugins file modes changed
x11-terms/kuake file modes changed
x11-themes file modes changed
x11-wm x11-wm:fluxbox: glew added into DEPEND list
.mailmap updated access rights for paludis compatibility
README updated access rights for paludis compatibility


sudo layman -S && sudo layman -a rainyday

now contains a mirrored packages from kde-sunset too.

Workig on moving kde completely to "9999" usage model.
i.e. all changes will be available not through some 3.5.XXXX version
ebuild, but via kde-...../......-9999.ebuild installation.
To acquire new changes simply update overlay and rebuild required packages.


01.03.2013 - Added Tiny and Big indie game ebuild
01.03.2013 - Copied vdrift ebuilds from tree
01.03.2013 - Copied torcs ebuilds from tree
01.21.2013 - Added warzone2100 trunk atom
01.21.2013 - Added warzone2100 3.1.0 atom
01.22.2013 - Added Tuxoince trunk atom
01.22.2013 - Added Tuxonice UI trunk atom
01.22.2013 - Added hibernate-script trunk atom
01.23.2013 - Fixed kdbg atom build process
01.24.2013 - Switched {kmail,kdevelop,kdbg} atoms to _dev branches
02.02.2013 - Fixed 9999 kopete ebuild
04.02.2013 - Added KDE GRAPHICS 9999 atoms.
04.02.2013 - Added KDE PIM 9999 atoms.
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