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removed some errors in bumblebee README, re-digested.

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iegor committed Sep 26, 2011
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@@ -4,4 +4,4 @@ AUX optirun32 351 RMD160 e0f42ee56caebc5d44ed515b883c3285269d95b8 SHA1 b0850f745
AUX optirun64 345 RMD160 aac09aa2cf9c3894c725c8e9393c9e280a2b9cb0 SHA1 cdfdfc05c60d9cfa2a6b7126064b13e09c47921a SHA256 f006707c89e99899e0ffc05606f7a01d41a4b9c2194141a62e9696242bdc7612
AUX vglclient-service 35 RMD160 74e6fa4b0a7d3462a27a4e47b619daa2c81d3baa SHA1 516333dd014f6c1998e325f56dda00790161b756 SHA256 a04c06d8dac4ae1de35220d0e2a5b00103a8d932a4b41d18c9848cfce5d7911b
EBUILD bumblebee-0.0.2.ebuild 27603 RMD160 099608e3e13fa7c69a053c9447fa22e44ae3a5b2 SHA1 ee9dbc7ef2a0dee40e6f9f542ca4be67cdcb6c02 SHA256 70570d72cc4a472cf605591ce3c1651b4417754b49e68c324accd6dcbfbf2ad2
-MISC README 1856 RMD160 f14a51a2a328ce6a2c3c2b4d5a5610b6eab0f3d3 SHA1 2aa059bf1658bf0ea05a5490f4de7cf257cfa690 SHA256 6930fa4e76a030fbb12e2dca26b5ae95302661dc7abb2925df72c5ed79788c46
+MISC README 1855 RMD160 002fe948256666ddda61aea2c794547e575b680a SHA1 829cfe517d4779f8bd098b926eb0c0de33f03187 SHA256 2dd8a630e93e0509c86adc31468e510bf5751ad7ae954802936c79bfe59bf51e
@@ -1,5 +1,5 @@
This is ebuild for installing bumblebee on your gentoo machine.
-It was written for version 1.6.40.
+It was written for version 1.6.40
Interesting Gentoo wiki article:
@@ -49,8 +49,8 @@ plans for future:
"sudo layman -S"
-"sudo layman -add rainyday"
-"sudo emerge -avt bumblebee"
+"sudo layman --add rainyday"
+"sudo emerge -avtbumblebee"
next step is to run bumblebee and add it to default run level
"sudo rc-config start bumblebee"
"sudo rc-config add bumblebee default"

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