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How to install twig-pjaxr?

There are just two steps needed to install twig-pjaxr:

  1. Add twig-pjaxr to your composer.json:

        "require": {
            "iekadou/twig_pjaxr": ">=0.2.0",
  2. Add Twig_Pjaxr_Extension to the Twig-Engine:

    $twig->addExtension(new Twig_Pjaxr_Extension());

How do i use twig-pjaxr?

Instead of using the {% extends %} tag use {% pjaxr_extends %}.

{% pjaxr_extends "__base.html" "__pjaxr.html" 'Pjaxr' %}
{% block page %}
{% endblock page %}


{% pjaxr_extends "__base.html" 'Pjaxr' %}
{% block page %}
{% endblock page %}
  • The first argument is the template, which is extended if the request is not a PJAXR request, or the namespace does not match.
  • The second argument is the template, which is extended if the namespace matches. (optional, default is "__pjaxr.html")
  • The thrid argument is the namespace which should be tested against, to decide which template should be extended.

What do you need for twig-pjaxr?

  1. PHP >= 5.3.3
  2. twig
  3. php-pjaxr
  4. jquery-pjaxr

Projects using twig-pjaxr

  1. pjaxr.io

If you are using twig-pjaxr, please contact me, and tell me in which projects you are using it. Thank you!

Happy speeding up your twig project!

For further information read twig-pjaxr on iekadou.com